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What are the different types of Hot Water Systems?

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There are multiple benefits to each different hot water system type from solar, gas, electric to heat pump. So whether the most important function for you is ease of use, energy efficiency, upfront cost, ongoing affordability, or environmental consciousness, we can help you navigate the range of choices and find the right solution to suit your individual circumstances, without compromising on speed of installation or product quality.

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Bribie Island Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water Heaters

We supply a range of premium electric hot water heaters which effectively and reliably heat all the water your household requires. Whether you opt for storage or choose an instant system, our electric heaters provide consistency and reliability so you can “set and forget” and have the peace of mind that your hot water needs will always be met. Utilising cutting edge technology in design and construction, our electric hot water systems deliver the quality and results that Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island is famous for.

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If you require a new hot water system install, you can rely on our expert team to do the job quickly, safely and affordably. We are all fully licensed and certified, and have extensive experience in the most up to date, advanced installation techniques. Our qualified technicians will assess your individual needs, advise you on the most relevant electric hot water system to choose, and promptly install it at a time which suits you. From start to finish, we can connect electric components and plumbing whilst always maintaining protective safety measures, project managing your install from start to finish for an easy, hassle-free experience.

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Whatever kind of problem you are experiencing with your electric hot water system, our team of qualified technicians have the solution. We will perform a detailed diagnostic to understand the specific problem with your system, and quickly formulate a repair strategy. From thermostat failure to heating element malfunctions, all the way to leaks and general issues, we have the range of technical knowledge and experience to provide efficient, cost-effective repairs. We aim to restore your hot water system to its best possible function, as quickly as possible, to minimise disruption and maximise your hot water experience.

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Wanting an upgrade or full replacement of your electric hot water system? We stock a wide range of electric hot water systems from leading brands, whether you are looking for an instant or storage option. Our highly experienced team can recommend the best product for your individual needs, taking into account all aspects of your circumstances including budget and pattern of usage. We will furnish you with specific information about available products, so you can choose the right solution for your needs. We also offer ongoing maintenance and service packages, so you can rest assured that your system will be well maintained and effective throughout its lifetime. Whether it is scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, trust Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island for sales and servicing of reliable parts and systems.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Keep your power bills down with our wide range of solar hot water heaters. We have a selection of roof-mounted or split systems available, to suit your specific property and budget, so you can access reliable, instant hot water for an affordable price while minimising your carbon footprint.

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You can rely on our skilled team to professionally install your new solar hot water system. If you opt for a roof-mounted system, a water storage tank and solar collectors will be mounted on the roof of your property, which will use the thermosyphon principle to collect, heat and circulate your water. If you go for a split system, the solar collectors will be roof-mounted but the water tank, solar controller, booster and circulating pump will all be installed on the ground. Whatever your choice, we guarantee the right placement of all components and the correct integration of the entire circuit to minimise the visual impact and maximise efficiency and reliability.

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When you need a fast, cost-effective repair of your solar to water system, Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island’s team of skilled technicians are here to help! We pride ourselves on running a thorough, comprehensive diagnostic to quickly uncover your solar hot water system issue, no matter where in the circuit it is located. We will promptly address and remedy the issue, and provide effective repair services, to get your planet-friendly hot water back up and running as soon as possible. You can rely on our team to ensure your solar hot water system operates at maximum efficiency, and minimum cost.

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We specialise in a wide range of solar hot water systems and parts from trusted leading manufacturers, for both split and roof-mounted systems. Our team of industry experts will help guide you on the right choice of system to suit your individual needs, taking into account your usage, budget, and environmental impact. We also provide after-sales support and maintenance packages to optimise the performance of your system throughout its lifetime. You can rely on us for expert, industry leading solar hot water systems and reliable support to keep your hot water running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Bribie Island Solar Hot Water Systems
Over 25 Years of Experience

Brisbane's Trusted Experts For Over 25 Years

Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island has been servicing the local community for more than 25 years. With extensive experience across solar, gas, heat pump and electric hot water systems, we guarantee that we will complete your job quickly and affordably.

Bribie Island Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas Hot Water Heaters

We stock a wide range of gas hot water heaters including both continuous flow and storage tank systems, which are both optimally designed to deliver maximum hot water performance. Utilising cutting edge technology, our gas hot water heaters are the best in the market to ensure reliability and optimum performance for the life of your hot water system.

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Our skilled technician team can expertly install and gas hot water system, no matter whether you opt for storage tank or continuous flow. When it comes to installing gas hot water systems, safety is paramount, and we will assess your unique situation to ensure the system installed is fit for requirements and will effectively meet your hot water needs. With our extensive technical knowledge, we are on hand to recommend the right system for you and will take care of the entire process from connecting your gas line to ensuring your system is integrated into your plumbing. For loss-stress, reliable gas hot water installation, you can rely on Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island.

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If you need urgent or routine repairs to your gas hot water system, the Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island team is here to help. Our skilled technical team can quickly diagnose any gas hot water system issue, including burner malfunctions, total failure of components, undetected leaks, valve complaints and more, giving you the peace of mind that your system issue will be promptly identified and repaired. With our extensive industry knowledge and impeccable track record safety, our team will ensure your system is restored to maximum operational efficiency quickly and affordably.

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Discover our vast range of gas hot water systems for sale, whether you are choosing a storage or continuous flow option. Our expert team have all the knowledge and experience to advise you on the best system to choose to suit your individual needs, and will ensure whatever system you select is fit for your needs and budget. We can provide detailed product instructions and furnish you with comprehensive maintenance packages for the lifespan of your chosen product, for a worry-free experience of reliable hot water, long term. So whether you need routine or urgent maintenance of your gas hot water system, trust the Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island team to deliver fast, effective service.

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Heat Pump Hot Water Heaters

Maximise your home or business’ energy efficiency with an environmentally conscious heat pump hot water heater. Because heat pump hot water systems engage a refrigeration cycle which derives heat from the surrounding air, they are a truly efficient way to heat water. Heat pump systems utilise 60-75% less energy than their electric counterparts, so heat pump hot water systems deliver reliable hot water while significantly decreasing your energy bills.

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If you are looking for efficient, reliable heat pump hot water system installation, look no further than our friendly and knowledgeable team of skilled technicians. Heat pump systems come in two forms, either single integrated units placed outside your home, or split systems with a separate heat pump and storage system which can be placed in or outside. For maximum system performance, our installation team will make sure there is a sufficient ambient air stream for adequate ventilation in your heat pump area, resulting in efficient performance. We will also consider factors such as noise and visual impact to ensure your system is installed in the right location to suit your needs.

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If your heat pump system needs urgent or routine repairs, our expert team of industry certified technicians can provide top quality, fast services to meet your needs. We will run a comprehensive diagnostic to understand your specific heat pump hot water system issue, whether it is related to the compressor, fan, or other component. Through prompt identification of your problem, our team can quickly repair the fault and get your system back to optima performance in no time. You can rely on our expert team for affordable and prompt heat pump hot water system repairs, no matter your specific issue.

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Search our wide range of top quality heat pump hot water systems and spare parts. Environmentally conscious, affordable, and technologically advanced, heat pump hot water systems offer a wide range of consumer benefits which are sure to leave you satisfied. With an expert team of skilled industry technicians, we can advise you on which system best suits your specific needs and give you all the product information and maintenance advice to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently for years to come. We can even advise you on operational factors such as noise emissions and different installation options so you end up with the perfect system for your home or business. We can even put together ongoing support and maintenance packages to maximise the performance of your chosen system, and will be on hand to troubleshoot any questions or queries you have in choosing the right fit.

Bribie Island Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water Systems
Solahart Hot Water Systems
Vulcan Hot Water Systems
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water

Brands We Use and Trust

Envirosun Hot Water
Solahart Hot Water
Vulcan Hot Water
Rinnai Hot Water
Rheem Hot Water
Reclaim Hot Water
iStore Hot Water
Dux Hot Water
Bosch Hot Water
Aquamax Hot Water

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At Brisbane Hot Water Bribie Island, our large range of hot water systems presents an option to suit every customer. Whether you are opting for a solar, heat pump, gas or electric system, our skilled technicians are on hand to provide assistance with installation, maintenance, servicing and repairs. Rely on us for all your hot water needs in Bribie Island and surrounding areas.

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Hot Water FAQS

What are the key differences between a storage hot water system and an instant hot water system?FAQ Arrow

Storage hot water systems store hot water in a tank, providing a ready supply of hot water but limited capacity. Instant hot water systems, also known as tankless or continuous flow systems, heat water on-demand, providing unlimited hot water but may have limitations in simultaneous usage.

Are there any specific considerations for installing a solar hot water system in an area with limited sunlight?FAQ Arrow

Yes, in areas with limited sunlight, it is essential to assess the solar potential and evaluate the suitability of a solar hot water system. Factors such as available roof space, shading, and the efficiency of the solar collectors become crucial considerations in such cases.

How does a heat pump hot water sytem function?FAQ Arrow

Heat pump hot water systems use electricity to extract heat from the surrounding air, transferring it to heat the water. This process is more energy-efficient compared to electric or gas systems, as it utilises ambient air temperature rather than direct energy input.

What are the main advantages of using a gas hot water system over electric or solar systems?FAQ Arrow

Gas hot water systems offer benefits such as faster heating and recovery times, typically higher flow rates, and the option for continuous hot water supply without the need for storage tanks. They are also less dependent on weather conditions compared to solar systems.

What is a hybrid hot water system and how does it combine different technologies?FAQ Arrow

A hybrid hot water system combines two or more technologies, such as a heat pump with a gas or electric backup. This configuration allows for flexibility and improved energy efficiency, using the most suitable energy source based on factors like climate conditions and demand.

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